WELCOME TO .netCURRENCY ASP.NET Real-Time Currency Exchange component

.netCURRENCY provides real-time currency exchange to and from every major currency in the world and is supported on any site that runs ASP.NET (ASP DOTNET). Version 3 is now available - see new features.

.netCURRENCY is ideal for global ecommerce applications allowing you to easily offer customers the ability to browse rates in their own local currency. It can also be used in portal applications as a value added service for site visitors. Extensive formatting controls and an automated updated system is included. .netCURRENCY has been in commercial use since 2001.

Rather than a simple port of our existing product, .netCURRENCY was developed from the ground up to take advantage of the specific features of the .NET framework. Completed with managed code and developed in C# .netCURRENCY is a high performance solution that stores rating information cached in XML ensuring maximum performance in extremely high use environments.

Explore our site to learn more about .netCURRENCY, play with the live demos, or purchase and start converting currencies today!

What’s new

.netCURRENCY was originally released in 2001 and has continued to be enhanced based on client suggestions. We are pleased to announce the 3.0 release.

Our most feature rich and innovative version ever (3.0) was last updated July 2016. It includes new currency providers and automated update handling.

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  • Real-time rate acquisition can be configured to occur automatically at set intervals. For example run once per day or even run on demand.
  • Powerful ASP.NET web controls provide a simple intuitive interface for using .netCURRENCY GUI elements.
  • In between real-time rate retrieval requests are responded to immediately from an XML cache containing all rating data.
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You guys have awesome customer service, I am impressed.
That is the kind of customer service that really helps keep your customers happy.
Thanks, you have a great support team! We are very pleased.
Your product is awesome! Thanks.
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