.net CURRENCY Exchange for ASP.NET (Active Server Pages dotNET)


  • Real-time rate acquisition can be configured to occur automatically at set intervals. For example run once per day or even run on demand.
  • In between real-time rate retrieval requests are responded to immediately from an XML cache containing all rating data.
  • When new rating information is provided, the cache system is automatically updated. This ensures maximum performance with minimal network overhead.
  • Multi-level cache implementation greatly reduced network and file IO by storing data in memory with persistent file backup.
  • Powerful ASP.NET web controls provide a simple intuitive interface for using .netCURRENCY GUI elements.
  • Convert to and from over 190 currencies and precious metals.
  • Return the current rate for any given currency relative to a selected base currency.
  • Control the number of decimal places in your return value after conversion.
  • Generate a combo box with all available currency options with 1 line of script.
  • Adjust the returned rates plus or minus a percentage or fixed rate automatically.
  • Return the last update time, date and success status.
  • Ability to modify stored rates directly and have the changes immediately be cached for future requests. Special Euro handling, currencies that have moved to the euro will be accurately rated based on their fixed rate versus the Euro and the correct currency symbol / code returned.
  • Complete currency formatting based on local: an all new method, convertformat, will perform a currency conversion the same as convert however it will return a string formatted as the target currency including symbol, spacing, seperator, places, and orientation specific to that currency.
  • The format functionality is also exposed on its own through the new format method which allows for any raw number or return to be formatted as a string of that currency type.
  • Currency symbol image support and override. You can now define images for currency symbols and they will be placed appropriately based on that currencies symbol rules. To specify an image set the symbol to an image name in the currency XML file and it will be automatically detected and displayed.
  • Culture definitions: Each currency can now be defined with a culture definition which is used for formatting currency values by the new format and convertformat methods